• Teak Timber Duckboard

    February 24, 2017

    Hi I am looking for a teak timber called duckboard it is a open slatted timber weaved I am wanting to use it as shelving. Reagards From: Tracey Email: tpallot@bigpond.net.au

  • Australian Cedar For Sale

    Hi, I am just enquiring if you have any interest in any of the following Hardwoods which we have ample supply of. 1.Australian Cedar – Toona Ciliata 2.Eucalyptus 3.Queensland Kauri – Agathis Robusta 4.Spanish Elm – Cordia Alliorda 5.Mahogany – Swietenia macrophylla 6.Spanish Cedar – Cedrela odorata 7.Teak – Tectonia gradis From: George Email: george.koloamatangi@tongaforest.to

  • Plywood& Lumber

    Hello, I want to buy plywood and lumber from your company,the quantity is 2 containers or 4 containers for a month. Thanks and best regards, From: Zoey Email: zoey@centurybow.com

  • Bendee Timber

    I am looking for a supplier of Bendee timber [A small acacia tree growing in north Queensland} I use this for making coasters. Small logs about 10cm across in the widest part are ideal. From: David Donald Email: davidonadonald@ezipost.com

  • Timber Exporter to China

    We are looking for a timber exporter to China. Do you have timber export to China’s main port (Tianjin)? If you do, could you please let me know what the CIF prices to China port for Jarrah, Blackwood and Tasmania Timber? Hope to get your reply shortly. Thank you very much! Kind Regards Shirley Australia […]

  • 459 x 6m Long Timber Piles

    We wish to receive a quote on the following. 459 x 6m long timber piles with 200 toe PEC treated. Your quotation and availability would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Yulio FORESHORE MARINE (QLD) PTY LTD PH: 0439 003 633 FAX: 07 41213760

  • Boat Building Timber

    I am looking for boat building timber supplier in Victoria teak, softwoods etc. marine ply also. From: john mcdonald Email: jdmac56@hotmail.com

  • Jarrah

    Hi am looking for the following to make wall cabinets, all in Jarrah. All sizes are finish sizes. 30x150x770 x6 19x110x865 x6 19x90x680 x6 19x60x725 x6 19x45x750 x6 19x680x865 Jarrah Veneer x3 From: Simon Email: simon_cade@yahoo.com.au

  • Mahogany & Kwila Timber for Export

    Hi, I have a import export business based in Fiji. I calibration with many saw millers around the country, I have Mahogany and Kwila timber for export. Hence I am looking for prospective buyers for these types of timber. If you are interested please do contact me via email. Regards From: Selvin Kirpal Email: Selvin.kirpal@gmail.com

  • Red Gum Sleeper Backs

    I am in search of red gum sleeper backs or other such hardwood slabs. I’m looking at making a couple of tables and a bar/bench top. Any help would be great even if you could just point me in the right direction. Thanks for help regards Josh From: Josh Email: jbourke6@gmail.com